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The Ultimate Guide to Carrying Out Job Hazard Analysis

Determining some of the potential hazards in a job site is considered an important step before the hazards finally become a problem. Most probably, you have heard of the term Job Safety Analysis but many not know what it really means. Job safety analysis is the process of analyzing a particular job and where It is situated to identify a number of potential hazards involved and how to keep the under control. By completing this process, it means that you have planned the job and the employees can now work safely.

For JSA to be effective enough, it should covered every part of the job. If a particular project has various tasks being done at the same time, there will be a need for many JSAS. JSA should be written by an experienced person who is highly knowledgeable to determine some of the hazards in a work place. Mostly, this person is always the supervisor.

After you have completely analyzed every task involved at the workplace, you now need to break them down into easy steps. Mostly, these steps should be related to the job itself and the job area. Thus if there are any alterations in the job area, the step will also change. Avoid making too detailed steps as they may make the JSA difficult to follow. At the same time, steps that are not adequately detailed may not cover for some of the hazards.

Next, you should now identify the hazards involved in every step. This is known to be the most clanging part when it comes to job safety analysis. Here, the main objective is to determine everything that may be dangerous in terms of safety and health. Identify how things like the machines, environment and the chemicals used can become a hazard. Factors such as the manufacture’s instruction on the equipment, other ongoing activities near the wok area and causes of past accidents will help you determine a number of potential risks.

The third stage is to determine possible controls for the hazards. The control explains how to do away with the hazards or how to avoid injuries. After the third step, the JSA should be complete and ready to be shared with the employees. The effectiveness of the job safety analysis will be highly determined by how well the workers understands it.

Before work starts, it is of importance to review the JSA just to ensure that the crew understands better the nature of the work. In case the nature of the work changes in any way, the JSA should be reviewed to include the new risks involved and even shared with the workers.

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