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Common Causes of Red Lines through Your Plasma TV

Small horizontal or vertical lines that commonly appear on your plasma TV could due to several issues. Some plasma TVs retain images and leave a burned-in effect. In some cases, the HDMI cable or different devices be faulty, leaving red lines. On the other hand, your plasma TV could have several hardware problems altering the screen display. Fortunately, these problems have a solution and can be solved without a huge financial impact. Below are some of the most prevalent causes of red lines through your plasma TV.

Image Burn-In

Almost every plasma TV utilize phosphors to display images on the screen, including Samsung plasma TVs. These phosphors can become too bright and leave behind traces of images on a screen. The images left of the screen cause the red lines. Specialist calls this existence of trace images as image burn-in. actually, burn-in is a result of one of image retention or image persistence. Image retention has proven to be permanent and will need professional repairer for perfect repair. On the other hand, image persistence is not permanent and the red line will fade after a few minutes. However, image persistence may reappear if another burn-in occurs

Connection Problems

Often than not, connection problems between your TV and different devices can cause red lines to appear on your plasma TV. Consider for example, while you are watching a Blu-ray movie through a DVD player hooked to the TV with an HDMI cable. If the DVD player is faulty, red lines may appear across the screen. Mostly, this occurs because the TV is not fully communicating with the connected device. In such a case, connection problem may be as a result of a faulty HDMI cable. You can solve this by trying another HDMI cable connecting the DVD player to the TV and test the screen again. You can try the HDMI cables from CompareRaja for a guaranteed and quality results. If the problem occurs again, you may need to consult a professional repairer who will carry out a deeper diagnosis.

Hardware Issues

Your plasma TV may have developed hardware related problems. Some plasma TVs may continue to show red lines across the screen after any burn-in have faded and you have replaced the HDMI cable. The problem may be a faulty hardware component on the display panel. You should know that the display panel transmits a message to the screen and effectively commands the screen what shapes and colors to produce. Once the display panel malfunctions, images on the screen will appear blurry and discolored.


You don’t have to worry so much about the issues listed above. A professional repairer or manufacturer can work on your plasma TV. While buying a new plasma television set, you should check any warranties that you purchased with your device. If the plasma TV gets faulty within the return window, you can repair services for free. Even better, the manufacturer or dealer may exchange the television set.